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  1. Having produced one of our favourite EPs of , MO Kolours returns again with a charming follow up on One Handed Music, again continuing to showcase the results of what happens when the Sega sounds of Mauritius meet with the urban expression of South London.
  2. Feb 16,  · Half-Mauritian percussionist/singer/producer Mo Kolours is prepping  EP2: Banana Wine — a  sega -inspired rhythmic experimentation in the vein of his excellent previous release. Watch an EP Author: Killakam.
  3. Mar 20,  · If you read the blog you know we're real into Mo Kolours eclectic work — a pairing of complex Mauritian  sega -inspired rhythms with electronic loops, hip-hop/dub sensibilities and, at Author: Killakam.
  4. EP2: Banana Wine is the second in a trilogy of Mo Kolours EPs to be released by One-Handed Music.
  5. TOP new Mo Kolours with a Beautiful Swimmers Remix!!! Paul White affiliate Mo Kolours delivers his second twelve inch for One Handed Music, a record which is just as interesting as hard to pin down in words Don't say it, play it! TIP!
  6. Mo Kolours steps back to One Handed Music with another potently stoned and reel-raw suite of Mauritian folk meets South London DubSoul. Much like its predecessor, the 'Drums Talking' EP, there's an effortless, freeform ebb and flow to the seven tracks of 'Banana Wine' and equally the complementary Beautiful Swimmers remix.
  7. Across his latest release -- the percent free EP2: Banana Wine  -- the multi-talented Brit blends a slew of genres mostly rooted in dub grooves and rhythms. The title track, for example, is an.

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