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  1. Ambient composer Akira Rabelais has collaborated with artists including Harold Budd, Ben Frost and Biosphere’s Geir Jenssen for a new album,  CXVI. The album is Rabelais’ take on early music.
  2. Jul 29,  · Aside from Akira Rabelais being an absolute genius, he is joined by the likes of Geir Jennsen, Ben Frost, Harold Budd, Kassel Jaeger. This makes for /5(12).
  3. Akira Rabelais’ years-in-the-making new album CXVI, featuring collaborations with Harold Budd, Ben Frost, Biosphere, Kassel Jaeger and Stephan Mathieu, among others.
  4. Michael Flaherty When I first heard cxvi, I thought it might be Akira Rabelais’s best album yet, which is really saying something. For me, this is now a certainty. Each of the four tracks is like a picture-less story without a narrative that we follow from one fascinating place to another without a guide and in complete surrender to its beauty.
  5. Dramatis Personæ: Akira Rabelais, Ben Frost, Harold Budd, Mélanie Skriabine, Kassel Jaeger, Karen Vogt, Cedrick Coriolis, Geir Jenssen, Bogdan D. Smith, and Stephan.
  6. AKIRA RABELAIS – CXVI Everything Akira Rabelais does is enigmatic. Just look at his website. Or try to understand the manual for his Argeïphontes Lyre software, designed for creating music in a way unrivalled by any other software.

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