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  1. Aug 16,  · The title always amuses me 'Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass' So catchy and addicting. If this was released with a radio edit, it could be a chart topping hit!/5().
  2. Jan 15,  · The Zombie Nation remix of I-F his Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass is the only decent remix made of this track. It ofcourse doesn't sound as good as the original but comes way closer then other remixes that have been made/5(K).
  3. Just shy of its 18th birthday, I-F's signature disco wrecker has serviced more sweltering An all-time electro classic, finally available for official download. The instantly recognisable title track is a masterclass in the art of pure, optimised electro, and the others re none too shabby either, from the playful freak funk of 'Playstation #2' thru the break-dancer's spesh, 'Us & Ours & You & Yours'.
  4. Jan 15,  · I-F should have be given an oscar for this release. Four outstanding releases, as minimalistic "Playstation #2" and uplifting "Secret Desire". However i guess my favourite will forever be "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass". Classic lyrics and robot vocals, and remarkable laser-electro riffs throghout the song/5().

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